Tour Preview

While we understand you want to have an idea of what’s going to happen on your ghost tour, we also want to preserve the surprises in store for our guests. The preview below includes a few of the stops on the tour, but to keep you in suspense, we hold back the scariest details.

What's on my ghost tour?

The Whaley House

No ghost tour in San Diego would be complete without a stop at the Whaley House, one of the most haunted homes in the country. Death has visited this building and its grounds many times, and it is even built on an old section of the El Campo Santo cemetery. Suicide, murder, and even an execution haunt this house.

La Casa de Estudillo

Once the home of the Estudillo family, this is one of the oldest adobe houses in California. Its 13 rooms include a chapel, schoolroom, living room, and many bedrooms for the large family. Once the headquarters for a railway company, today La Casa de Estudillo is a museum. Members of the Estudillo family have evidently continued to hang around, along with an angry malevolent presence.

The Coral Tree Tea House

Extended Tour Exclusive
While this may look like a quaint and pleasant tea house, that cheery façade hides the darkness underneath. This building was so haunted that the owners hired paranormal investigators and a psychic to come in and exorcise it of any harmful spirits. You won’t believe what they found, and what continues to happen at the tea house to this day.