Tour Preview

While we understand you want to have an idea of what’s going to happen on your ghost tour, we also want to preserve the surprises in store for our guests. The preview below includes a few of the stops on the tour, but to keep you in suspense, we hold back the scariest details.

What's on my ghost tour?

The Davis-Horton House

No ghost tour in San Diego would be complete without a stop at The Davis-Horton House, said to be the most haunted house in the Gaslamp Quarter. As the oldest building in Downtown San Diego, this structure is rich with history.  From operating as a make-shift hospital to being a hideout for a German spy in WWII, there is much trauma and death that haunt this historical home.

Old City Hall

Originally built in the 1800’s as the City Hall for San Diego, this historic structure has a long, interesting and violent past. Many businesses, housing and other establishments have come and gone through these walls.  And over the years many visitors have reported strange happenings on these grounds.  However, none are so horrific as the story of the gruesome murder you will hear on our tour.

Former Casino Theater

The building that houses the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop has a seedy and haunted past. Previously serving as a shady movie house, the theater attracted a type of clientele that was prone to violence and drug-use.  On our tour, you will hear the tragic story of a horrific altercation that resulted in a devastating fire and death.  Learn what still haunts the building today.