Even if you are a local of San Diego, you will learn something new about your delightful home city. For visitors, there is so much to discover about the turbulent history and personal stories of San Diego residents that it was the hardest job deciding which 8 or 12 locations to include on our standard or extended tour.

There is no shortage of tragic stories about lives cut short or ending in such pain that spirits cannot leave this world. Wherever people gather, and where our capacity for evil shows itself, there will be ghosts. Regardless of the weather, or the beautiful sunsets, or even the amazing surfing!

One of the first guests at the oddly alpine Horton Grand Hotel was famed lawman of the wild wild west, Wyatt Earp, answering his brothers’ entreaties to visit this new ‘Land of the Sundown Sea’ to look for property to purchase.  Earp ended up staying for 7 years, so he must have found something in the new city in the southwest corner of these united states.

We’ll see some of the places he visited, among stories from a more modern era, like the ghostly Wisp that haunts the Yamada Building. Employees of the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services company that occupies the building these days have been seen its activities. We have the exclusive story of one of their employees, and it does not end well.

Join us for a fascinating tour through the old and new sordid history of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter.

Here are just some of the haunted locations our tour will visit. While we are sure the locations we have on our standard and extended tours will bring you an entertaining blend of history and hauntings, we did find several fascinating stories that were spread across the San Diego area, but outside the scope of a reasonable walking tour.  So, we added these stories, with some spooky pictures, to our blog of San Diego haunted places. We hope you enjoy them!

Here are a few of the locations we did include on the Gaslamp Quarter ghosts walking tour:


This quaint two story yellow clapboard house is a prfab, imported by William Heath Davis, to start the new, quarter of right. It failed.

The Davis-Horton House

No ghost tour in San Diego would be complete without a stop at The Davis-Horton House, said to be the most haunted house in the Gaslamp Quarter. As the oldest building in Downtown San Diego, this structure is rich with history.  From operating as a make-shift hospital to being a hideout for a German spy in WWII, there is much trauma and death that haunt this historic home.

This external daytime photo of the 4 story Old city hall building, although it looks like any other city office building form the 1900s it has a horrid history that we share of San Diego Ghosts walking tour.

Old City Hall

Originally built in the 1800s as the City Hall for San Diego, this historic structure has a long, interesting, and violent past. Many businesses, housing, and other establishments have come and gone through these walls.  And over the years, many visitors have reported strange happenings on these grounds.  However, none are so horrific as the gruesome story of murder you will hear on our tour.

The Casio Theatre, seen here in an external shot, form across the street, in the early Twentieth Centrury has more than its fair share of ghosts

Former Casino Theater

The building that houses the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop has a seedy and haunted past. Previously serving as a shady movie house, the theater attracted a type of clientele prone to violence and drug use.  On our tour, you will hear the tragic story of a horrific altercation that resulted in a devastating fire and death.  Learn what still haunts the building today.