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About San Diego Ghosts

San Diego sits southwest of Los Angeles, and while it may seem like a relaxing destination with miles of beaches and warm waters, darkness lies within. Even the best places in the world cannot escape death, and the early days in San Diego were extremely difficult. Our tour will illuminate the often overlooked history of San Diego, while also showing you a side of the sunny city that you can’t find anywhere else.

Truly historical buildings, and amazing architecture, especially in Heritage Park, punctuate a series of haunting and disturbing stories. All of our stories are drawn from the history of our expertly curated locations, and each is backed by extensive research. Authenticity is incredibly important to us, and as a result, our stories have been thoroughly vetted to assure they are historically accurate.

On top of our unmatched historical research, our forays into the paranormal history and alleged hauntings of each stop come from reported eye-witness accounts, both written and oral, as well as the exhaustive work of paranormal investigators. We have included all of the information we could find on why these particular spirits may show themselves and where you’re likely to find them. While we offer no guarantees of a first-hand paranormal experience, many guests have reported feeling the presence of these entities. As a warning, you may see, hear, or feel things that you cannot explain. We’ve selected each stop on the tour because of the high amount of paranormal activity reported.

Whether you’re a firm believer, a proud skeptic, or somewhere in between, you’ll find something to enjoy on our San Diego ghost tour.

By design, our tours are extremely educational, but we never lose sight of the entertainment factor.

You’ll learn more about the history of San Diego, including the history of some of the most influential Old Town residents.

You’ll gain an appreciation for some of San Diego’s unique architecture.

Whether you’re visiting San Diego for beaches or business, our ghost tour will give you a unique experience of the city’s oftentimes gruesome, but always interesting, history that will have you talking for years.

Hitting the major tourist attractions can be fun, but you will undoubtedly love exploring the darker side of the city that you won’t see anywhere else!

Why is San Diego’s Old Town so haunted?

San Diego’s Old Town has a long and varied history. The area’s unique location has created a distinctive combination of Native American, Mexican, and American cultures that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Any time you have such disparate views and beliefs in one place, you are bound to see some violence and turmoil. While San Diego history has largely been peaceful, death finds a way. The psychic pain of death is everywhere, and that pain manifests through both benevolent and malevolent spirits.

From the active ghosts of the Whaley home to the deafening whispers of the Mormon Battalion, death is woven into the fabric of Old Town San Diego. The reason for this may be under the feet of every visitor to this part of the city. Much of Old Town is built on the repurposed grounds of the El Campo Santo Cemetery. The dead are literally underfoot, and the effect is undeniable. In nearly every corner of Old Town, even among the recreations and refurbishments, is filled with a story or a rumor that leads back to the paranormal. While some of these spirits are peaceful enough, others prey on the vulnerability of the living to terrify and torment.

No matter what draws you to listen to stories about the supernatural, Old Town will give you a unique
and compelling experience that will have you thinking long after.